Travelhealth-Insurance for the Schengen-Visa
Health insurance for foreign visitors and guests to the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein 

People from many Countries of Origin who are visiting the Schengen-Countries are need a Visitor-Visa (Schengen-Visa). Since the 01.06.2004 they also must show a Travelhealth-Insurance when they apply for the Visa. The reason for this is a decision of the Council of the European Union (2004/17/EG).

Insurance Tariff Entry Age Insurance for Direction Runtime
min max In Out min. max.
Economy 0 73 Schengen-Visa for foreign
Visitors to the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Incoming - Insurance for foreign Visitors / Guests top the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. -- 30 Days 1 Years
Travelhealth-Insurance for foreign Visitors / Guests. Health-, Accident- and Liability Insurance in one Package Information  • Online Apply Form
Au-Pair 12 35 Au-pairs worldwide. This insurance is not available for Au-Pairs to the USA, Canada or Mexico (NAFTA) Incoming - Private Krankenversicherung für ausländische Au-Pairs während eines Auslandsaufenthaltes in Deutschland oder Österreich Outgoing - Auslandsversicherung für Au-Pair Aufenthalte außerhalb Deutschlands 1 Month 2 Years
Travel-Health-Insurance for foreign Au-Pairs in Germany / Austria and for german and austrian Au-Pairs worldwide (but NOT NAFTA). Information •  Online Apply Form
College 12 35 Language Pupils, Students... Incoming - Private Krankenversicherung für ausländische Sprachschüler in Deutschland oder Österreich während der dauer von Sprachkursen (DSH-Prüfung) und weit darüber hinaus Outgoing - Auslandsversicherung für Sprachschüler, Gastschüler, Auslandssemester und deutsche Studenten im weltweitem Ausland 1 Month 4 Years
Health, insurance (optionally with liability- and accident insurance) for language pupils and students Information • Online Apply Form